Trading strategy for crypto assets

Smart HODLER trade pairs

A set of quantitative trading algos designed for crypto assets, using AI to determine the trading price according to the volatility

AI smart trading engine

We integrate the smart AI engine to the crypto quantitavie algos. It is your exclusive 24H trader to trade and HOLD crypto assets

Cryptocurrency quantitative trading

Smart HODLER adopted the technology of the financial market into the field of cryptocurrency, and added a number of technical indicators specifically for cryptocurrency

Volatility Tokenomics

Our AI and quantitative trading system is based on the volatility evaluation model.

AIM Trading Pairs

FinTech intelligent financial management, a trading strategy for digital assets


AIM-ETH is a fully automated intelligent trading pair; a quantitative trading system that uses AI to smart hold ETH cryptocurrency.

Simple to use decentralized exchange

The AIM Token Swap exchange is used to wrap ETH to AIM and subscire trade strategies.

Blockchain Node

The quantitative transaction engine of AIM-ETH is deployed on the Ethereum private network, which is a secure off-chain execution environment.

Crypto Quant

Use AI and quantitative trading technology to automatically adjust the crypto assets holding level.

The blockchain industry's core value is "tokenomics," a combination of blockchain technology and economics and incorporates incentive mechanisms, cryptocurrency, game theory, computer science, and consensus mechanisms. A decentralized system also involves humanities, laws and regulations, commodity trading, and behavioral psychology.

A long-term investor, also known as a HODLER; the trading strategy we created for Bitcoin HODLER is plain and simple. Smart HODLER uses AI to find the best low-end price in the short-term and establishes the Bitcoin holding ratio; simultaneously, it also observes and predicts the relative high point in the short-term to reduce the holding ratio. Through this simple strategy of dynamically adjusting the Bitcoin holding ratio, the cost of holding money can be reduced, and the net value of this trading strategy can be improved. The increased net value is the buyer's profit.

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AIM/ETH Trends


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