Building a comprehensive exchange business


Crypto assets exchange solutions: Web app and mobile app solutions, matching engine system, liquidity management system, wallet management system, membership system, background management, REST API engine, etc.

Site Reliability

Cloud servers monitoring and daily management, software update, error report, software emergency response, etc.


Compliance with applicable laws review, KYC and AML, etc.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales management service.

Finance & Operations

Financial consulting and operations

24/7 Customer Service

On-call customer service team

We provide PaaS, site reliability, and regulatory compliance solutions to allow our customers to focus on their core businesses such as marketing, finance, and customer service, also allowing you to concentrate on your business development.

Crypto assets exchange technology

100% self-own technology, white brand and customized exclusive UI for customers

Match Engine

Utilizing a new Message Queue architecture design, self-developed transaction matching engine, supporting GTC/FOK/IOC orders; for small exchange business up to 100,000 transactions per second, and large exchanges, our solution can support up to one million transactions per second Match

Instant Liquidity

Small scale exchanges need to have sufficient trading depth and liquidity to attract users to enter the market; thus, we provide Market Making services for customers, and you can also connect other exchanges with liquidity by yourself.

Compliance Toolkit

Integration with KYC/KYB and AML tools of third-party service providers to meet regulatory requirements.

Crypto Wallet

In-exchange wallets integrate multiple ERC-20 crypto assets such as WBTC/USDT and provide secure deposit and withdrawal features.

ExchangeNow Trading Platform

Small Business Solutions

Various crypto-assets can be listed, and a historical K-line database can be purchased for an affordable cost.
And host private blockchain full nodes on your own server.

Market order and limit order

100,000 matches per second

GTC / FOK / IOC Orderbook

Up to 20 crypto assets, 100 trade paris

White brand service



On the evening of June 21, U.S. time, FATF issued the "Guidelines for the Supervision of Money Laundering of Virtual Assets and Service Providers." The main focus is on strengthening the implementation of the real-name system. Exchange operators must register relevant financial licenses with local regulatory agencies in advance to execute business.

AML/CFT Compliance

The FATF's AML/CFT standard recommendations mainly include the following items: Customer Due Diligence, record keeping, suspicious transaction reporting, and screening of all transactions subject to financial sanctions.

One-stop service from technology to compliance

Our Compliance Team can also provide customers with global compliance consulting services

Self-own Technology

The self-own technology Virtual Assets Exchange solution, from the matching engine to the trading platform, is jointly developed by AI Mining and technical partners.

Trade pair isolation technology

Exclusive patented technology, isolate the transaction pair from the low-level matching engine, improve the transaction pair's security, and reduce the risk of hacker attacks.

Compliance Team

Have a global compliance service team to assist exchanges in reviewing project parties and provide exchange compliance services.

Site Reliability

The most important daily operation work of the exchange is to monitor cyber-attacks and continuously improve system security. SmartChain Technology provides maintenance services from DevOps to Security.